A Business Case for Embedded Analytics

We have often heard the term embedded analytics. It has gained more traction since 2008/2009. The term often refers to end users having access to reports/dashboards and deeper analytics right “where they need it”. In other words, context is highly important when it comes to operational analytics.

Imagine a customer services representative sitting in a customer contact center. The representative gets an email or a call from a customer. The typical steps that this rep will follow after confirming the identity of the customer (either customer id, SSN or something else) is to ascertain the reason the customer is calling in about.

Today, customer interaction histories are maintained “forever”. All of a sudden, there are a lot of data to sift through and understand

  1. The customer interaction history: What has the customer bought in the past? What has he/she bought in the recent months? How valuable is this customer? What are some of the preferences the customer may have? Now imagine the same rep having to pull up another window on the browser, enter the customer “key” and generate the report that shows this interaction history. All this takes valuable time and affects customer experience.
  2. Customer predictions: This is harder to achieve in the context of the application/s the rep may use as part of the contact center portfolio. What might the customer be calling about? Are there opportunities to upsell/cross-sell while the rep has the customer online?

These simple use cases should throw a bright shining light on the need to embedded analytics. Now imagine the same rep “receives” a screen pop with all of the relevant information (past and future predictions) as the call/email arrives at his/her desk.

The agility provided by embedded analytics is tremendous and can directly affect revenues, cost savings and customer retention. These type of use cases exist in all industry verticals and we, at DataNinjas have been implementing solutions that fit the need for a number of years.

Our go-to tool for delivering BI has been Jaspersoft and with our deep expertise, we have been able to deliver these solutions to our customers in a cost-effective way.

If you have additional questions/queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us at contact@yourdataninjas.com

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