About Us

Our Story

Our story is relatively a simple one. We started with four nerds who came together because we feel passionate about creating lasting data centric solutions for customers. That's what we have done independently and together.

We believe in the same core values - transparency, mutual respect, a desire to do the right thing, commitment to excellence, customer service with pride, work/life balance and strong belief in diversity.

Our mission is not to change the world but keep our corner of the world thriving and growing (and have fun while doing that!!)

Our team has grown consistently with fellow ninjas and continues to do so...


Our Approach

Our Philosophy aka Ninja Code

We strongly believe in Agile/Lean software development process. We make sure that these processes are surrounded by full transparency, reasonably priced solutions and performance quality.

We can achieve performance quality at reasonable cost because of our deep horizontal expertise with the tools and sharper focus on result.

Our Story

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