Jaspersoft FastStart

You have decided on Jaspersoft as your BI tool. Now, let the Ninjas help you with

  • Different approaches to meet Business Requirements
  • Best technical approach to meet your goals
  • Define a tactical plan for the next 3,6,9 months

Get your team on a fast track for:

  • Jaspersoft Studio Essentials
  • JasperReports Server Essentials


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Embedding FastTrack

Let the Ninjas show you how to integrate reports and dashboards into your applications.  Ninjas will

  • Understand your requirements
  • Providing guidance on the best approach
  • "Hands On" Knowledge Transfer or POC

With the embedding fasttrack, your developers will understand not only how to make reports/charts come alive but also make them highly contextual by embedding them right where the users can find and use them quickly

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Quickly extend out of the box functionality by adding Data Ninja's JasperCourier. With JasperCourier, you can burst reports with ease, manage metadata and distribute reports to a wide variety of targets without having to create thousands of schedule in your scheduler.

JasperCourier is currently being used by several customers and can be installed in your environment in 2-4 hours.

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PowerBI FastStart

New to Microsoft PowerBI? or curious how you can use PowerBI to visualize and blend data? The fasttrack solution accelerator is the right solution.

Within a week you will be able get

  • Use cases identified and appropriate visualizations defined
  • Your data in your sandbox PowerBI environment
  • Best practices guide for future implementations
  • Ready for consumption visualizations
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OLAP FastTrack

Use an expert Ninja to show you how to build a SSAS/Mondrian cube the right way.

This one week engagement will allow you to

  • Understand the power and the difficulty of using OLAP technoligy
  • Build a sample cube with your data
  • Connect to the cube using the BI front end tool of your choice
  • Unleash the power of OLAP analytics
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Custom Data Adapters

Whether you are looking to support multi-tenant data strategy or simply concerned about data security, we have the right accelerator for you.

By utilizing and extending Jaspersoft and JDBC/JNDI functionality, securing data all the while allowing more access will be possible.

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