Data Science & Predictive Analytics

Data Wrangling

Today's fast moving environment, data wrangling has become essential. Data warehouses build trust in your data and provide a consistent methodology to democratize analytics however, non-agile organizations lose out on several opportunities. Why waste opportunities? work with Data Ninjas and get moving today...

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Data Mining

With data volumes multiplying by the day, it is essential for organizations to mine that data as quickly as possible. It has become a competitive imperative to move data into analytical environment and make sense of old/new and changing data. Learn from data ninjas how to implement best data mining techniques and make the most of your data investments


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Machine Learning

It is impossible for humans to ingest mountains of data created everyday. However machine learning techniques will help alleviate that problem. Whether it is predicting churn or classifying your customers, we have you covered. With Data Ninjas, you get deep machine learning expertise coupled with seasoned vertical knowledge.


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Tools & Frameworks

Let Data Ninjas be your bridge!

With our deep technology expertise and several successful implementations, we have what it takes to help your organization move towards implementing sophisticated, timely and sustainable advanced analytics solutions.

Data Ninjas can help solve problems where:
• Applicable associations or rules might be intuited, but are not easily
codified or described by simple logical rules.
• Potential outputs or actions are defined but which action to take
is dependent on diverse conditions which cannot be predicted or
uniquely identified before an event happens.
• Accuracy is more important than interpretation or interpretability.
• The data is problematic for traditional analytic techniques. Specifically, wide data (data sets with a large number of data points or attributes in every record compared to the number of records) and
highly correlated data (data with similar or closely related values) can
present problems for traditional analytic methods.


Quick Introduction to R Studio

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