Analytics DevOps

Standardize and Simplify Your Analytics Environment

Leverage the power of containerization and orchestration to simplify your analytical data environments.

Immediately add value for developers, operators, security teams and overall IT. Improve speed, efficiency of your organization. Dramatically improve innovation while providing the same security (and peace of mind!)

Life without Analytical Containers

Developers and operations teams are constantly at loggerheads. Multiple overlapping processes make it more difficult to manage diverse analytical needs and workloads.

Predominantly uses a "works-on-my-machine" paradigm and requires more effort for full deployment. It is also very easy to drift away from standard configurations and building a pipeline is more difficult.

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Life with Containers

With analytical containers it is easy to deploy multiple sized containers for a variety of workloads. Whether you need Spark and H2O or Python, the containers would work seamlessly on dev and prod environment. The content within the containers can be highly standardizes.

Security is implemented uniformly across the containers and it is easy to improve compliance.

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Benefits of Containerization

  • More time coding, less fixing environments
  • Enable consistency, autoscaling and high availability patterns
  • Centralized incident responses, easily quarantine problem clusters
  • Optimized workload stacking
  • CapEx and OpEx savings
  • Operational model consistency at scale
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Put your data to work. Effortlessly.

The Data Ninjas DevOps team is ready to show you the power of containerization and seamless orchestration. Whether your analysts want to use R, Python or something else, building analytic frameworks and generating results has never been easier especially with help from Data Ninjas.

The jump start will provide you with enough material to conceptualize, architect and build a lasting solution using Power BI as the standardized tool across your organization.

Business users can access and modify analytical output the way they want. Better freedom means faster and more accurate decisions.

Business/Data  Analysts can access, integrate, clean data and start discovering trends by self serving their environments

IT Stakeholders can keep data secure, simplify policies and achieve compliance without having to deal with incessant pressure to please everyone all the time.


with containers

Ready. Set. Start!

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