Data Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Consulting Services

Our value proposition is based on next-generation governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutiosn to drive growth through transformative business value. You will be able to  seamlessly integrate domain-specific technologies such as advanced risk modeling and governance with business intelligence and advanced analytics. The results offer business the potential for enhanced profitability and competitive advantages over industry peers.

Data Governance Solutions

Our seasoned team can provide quality solutions in the data governance space. We focus on removing the stigma associated with "governance" and ensure that the teams are left with tools that harmonize operations and data.

Our solutions include:

  • Strategy and roadmaps
  • Assessments
  • Program build
  • Governance organization definition


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Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Our data risk assessments are geared towards finding and plugging any data risks your organization may be facing. We focus on:

Organization & relevant processes

Data Protection

Data access and policies


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Compliance Solutions

Our GRC solutions will help you build the right foundation for sustaining data governance. These solutions will also address most of the risk scenarios as well. With the foundation built, your organization will be able to meet any compliance challenge -

  • GDPR
  • PII
  • SPI
  • California Consumer Privacy Law


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Make Data Governance Part of the Operations

With Data Ninjas's GRC solutions, you will be able to identify opportunities and threats

Quickly understand the trade-offs and constrains

Build a comprehensive catalog of all the data assets especially focused on PII, SPI and Intellectual property data

Risk mitigation won't be a one time activity but rather fully embedded in the operational mindset of the organization

IT & Business Stakeholders can keep data secure, simplify policies and achieve compliance without having to deal with incessant pressure to please everyone all the time.



Data Governance

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