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Organizations need tools to make accurate decision promptly—regardless of the platforms, applications, or infrastructure environments in use. Jaspersoft's modular, scalable, standards-based solution architecture provides the flexibility needed to easily deploy in any environment. Jaspersoft offers Business Intelligence Tools that span your enterprise.

Your Data Ninjas

Data Ninjas have worked with open source as well as commercial editions in a variety of use case settings. We ensure that Jaspersoft centered solutions are implemented with agility and for the desired scope. Our client work ranges from simple open source JasperReports implementations, to full enterprise license editions with data management, ETL, Dashboards and application embedding

Embedded Analytics with Jaspersoft

embedded analytics

Data Ninjas can make your on-premise or cloud app come alive with awesome dashboards, great visualizations, on-demand and ad-hoc reports, and rich analytics using Jaspersoft.

Pixel Perfect Reporting Made Easy

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With Jaspersoft and Data Ninjas you can share beautiful pixel perfect and adhoc reports and dashboards with people in your organization and your customers or vendors.

With the expertise Data Ninjas can bring to the table, it will be easy to integrate these reports in your day-to-day operations quickly

Adhoc Reporting and Dashboards


Quickly introduce embedded dashboards, interactive reporting and analytics inside or as a standalone your application to provide users access to the right data at right time. Our Jaspersoft based solutions are designed to let you control as little or as much BI functionality that your users need.


Connect with Data...Any Data

Your organization may be using a variety of data store technologies such as relational databases, NoSQL engines like MongoDB, or flat files. Whether you need a custom data adapter or use an existing one, Data Ninjas have you covered so that you can connect to any data source without requiring ETL to maximize access performance and simplify the application architecture.

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Use Ninja Accelerators

Jaspersoft FastStart

You have decided on Jaspersoft as your BI tool. Now, let the Ninjas help you with

  • Different approaches to meet Business Requirements
  • Best technical approach to meet your goals
  • Define a tactical plan for the next 3,6,9 months

Get your team on a fast track for:

  • Jaspersoft Studio Essentials
  • JasperReports Server Essentials

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Use Ninja Accelerators


Quickly extend out of the box functionality by adding Data Ninja's JasperCourier. With JasperCourier, you can burst reports with ease, manage metadata and distribute reports to a wide variety of targets without having to create thousands of schedule in your scheduler.

JasperCourier is currently being used by several customers and can be installed in your environment in 2-4 hours.


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