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Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

You already like Microsoft's business intelligence tools like SQL Server, Reporting Services and Analysis Services. Let Data Ninjas Power BI team help you democratize best of the breed visualizations and analysis capabilities.

Power BI LifeCycle Implementation

PowerBI provides an excellent starter option to deliver analytics within your organization, especially for teams that are smaller in size. With our methodology and PowerBI, you can quickly prove the concept and deliver visually rich information quickly.

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Power BI Data Access Architecture

Good Architecture builds the right foundation. Whether you want to connect to Excel spreadsheets, on-premises data sources, big data, streaming data, and cloud services: it is better to have sound architecture in place to maximize impact of Power BI

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Data Integration for Power BI

If you rely on SQL Server as your primary database technology, SSIS provides a viable option to accomplish data integration. With our SSIS Accelerator, implementing data integration will be a breeze.

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Put your data to work. Effortlessly.

We are quite confidant that the Data Ninjas Power BI team will be able to show you how to integrate data sources to build feature rich and meaningful data analytics within just ONE WEEK. Yes, just one week!

The jump start will provide you with enough material to conceptualize, architect and build a lasting solution using Power BI as the standardized tool across your organization.

Business users can access and modify visualizations the way they want. Better freedom means faster and more accurate decisions.

Business/Data  Analysts can access, integrate, clean data and start discovering trends in a matter of minutes

IT Stakeholders can keep data secure, simplify policies and achieve compliance without having to deal with incessant pressure to please everyone all the time.

IT Developers can quickly build visualizations and embed it in contextual application settings to empower end users.



Ready. Set. Start!

Your Power BI Ninja Consultants are just a few clicks away!