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Jaspersoft Reports and Dashboards

Looking to leverage one of the leading open source based tool? We probably have the best credentials to help you

Analytics Embedded with Applications

Why stop at building only great visualizations and analytics? Make sure the analytics are put in the right context (right place, right time) and integrate Jaspersoft with your applications

Data Integration using Talend/JETL

No Business Intelligence project is complete without data integration. We have the right mix of expertise to take your data from the source, as you need them and deliver it to any destination in the format you need.

Move to Jaspersoft Reports

Are you tired of legacy BI tools that do not do what you need? We can modernize your legacy portfolio by expertly and cost effectively migrate your tools to a best of the breed platform.


Would you like to try Jaspersoft before you buy? We can help with a well formed proof-of-concept engagement that will ensure all risk is identified and mitigated.

Jaspersoft Faststart

Once your technology adoption decision is complete around Jaspersoft, let us help you with getting the technology off the ground quickly and cost effectively.

Data Integration using SSIS

If you rely on SQL Server as your primary database technology, SSIS provides a viable option to accomplish data integration. With our SSIS Accelerator, implementing data integration will be a breeze.

Self Service Analytics with PowerBI

PowerBI provides an excellent starter option to deliver analytics within your organization, especially for teams that are smaller in size. With our methodology and PowerBI, you can quickly prove the concept and deliver visually rich information quickly.

OLAP with SSAS or Mondrian

If you have multitudes of reports and dashboards and are looking to implement deeper analytics while reducing the numbers of reports, perhaps you should consider OLAP based analytics. We can show you how to build it using a quick Proof-of-concept and also activate right kind of adoption.

Business Mobility

With the prevalence of smartphones, the smallest to the largest business needs to have a mobile presence. We have quick starter kits to get your business mobile ready in a matter of weeks. With features including digital punch cards, loyalty rewards, push campaigns and location based marketing you can instantly improve sales. We tie it up with our in depth analytics solutions to help you make the best business decisions.


We have the right tools...

Whether you are just getting started with your Business Intelligence application development or you are looking to build the right foundation pieces, we have the right tools to get you started.

...and the right experience

Our deep domain expertise, coupled with expert level knowledge of the tools means you will be able to start and finish the projects with right levels of success!


Next Steps...

Whether it is Jaspersoft or Microsoft, we will deliver consistently good results...