Data Management

Big part of today's world revolves around data management. Without sound data management principles, value cannot be derived from data.

Our data management solutions will allow you to sharpen your data strategy

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Strategy & Roadmaps

Business Intelligence can be daunting, especially when it is not clear where to start. Let our ninjas provide you the necessary jump start with strategy and ensure that your organization stays on path

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Data Visualization

Notice what you never expected to see. Data without visualization only tells a small amount of one sided story. Why wait when you can bring you data alive?

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Spotlight on Machine Learning

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Machine Learning is a system that is driven by data, has the ability to learn and improve, by using algorithms that provide insights using "training" these algorithms receive.

After reading this book, you will learn:

Preparing data for ML pipelines

Suggestions on end-to-end data and analytic architectures

Use multiple ML frameworks to increase operational efficiency and achieve greater business agility

Types of Machine Learning

Putting the big picture together

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Our Primary Focus

For the last 20 years or so, our collective focus has been on enabling organizations maximize the value that can be generated from data.

This singular focus has allowed us to build deep expertise in all aspects of business analytics. Whether it is core data management (Big Data to starter relational databases), setting up clear vision and practices through assessments and road maps to enabling and sustaining strong end user adoption, our services and accelerators are geared towards making you successful.

With our commitment to your success, your partnership with Data Ninjas is bound to be successful


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