Are you paying too much for your cloud assets?

Self Service

Easy Automation

Don't be a four letter word for your users, yet maintain control on usage and security posture.


Allow users to choose from a menu of options without being concerned about control and security.

Control Financial Spend

Eliminate Wastage

Most cloud resources are underused and overpaid. Make smart decisions on how to leverage cloud resources.


Always be proactive on cost savings without affecting productivity

Cloud Use Simplified

Really Pay as you Go!

Most cloud providers have 100s of services that are offered and each service will cost money.


Opening access to each services requires careful planning and execution. CloudNinja allows you to do that without the additional overhead of "too much governance"

Less Wastage, More Value, More Agility

Manage Budgets | Enforce Enterprise Approved Security | Enable Self Service | Speed up operations

Orchestrate Non Prod (and Prod) Resources

Most teams do not realize that they can save up to 60 % in Costs by simply Orechestrating Cloud Resources

50 - 60 %

Avoid Wastage of Resources

Optimize the sizing of the cloud infrastructure. Why use a Rolce Royce when all you need is a Toyota?

40 - 50 %

All the savings add up!

Orchestration of Resources
Sizing the resources correctly
Pausing or Stopping resources when not used

SchedulingResources like virtual machines can be switched off and on on a schedule that suites you

Optimal SizingCloud Ninja analyzes all your infrastructure and provides recommendation where sizing can be changed - resulting in savings

Key Cloud Ninja Features

Self ServiceCloud Ninja makes it easier for you to provide cloud as a self service to your users yet does not compromise on compliance and governance

Multi-Cloud ComplianceWe know one cloud may not be sufficient for your needs. Cloud Ninja makes it easy for you to govern all cloud costs from one location

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  • Increased Savings
  • No Wasteful Spend
  • Enable Self Service
  • Manage Resources Easily

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Clound Ninja
Feature Details

  • Enable Self Service
  • Get visibility on your Spend
  • Review Trends
  • Centralized Portal

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